King Kong Agencija / Identitet

King Kong Agency is Social & Mobile - first boutique digital agency, that focuses on brand storytelling.

Case Study The purpose of this identity envisioning is to develop a distinctive presence on the digital marketing agencies market which will differentiate King Kong Agency from the competition and will establish new standard how should one social & mobile-first agency operate and communicate with the customers and the public.

Brand name is developed from two founders Mitko Cabevski known as “King” and Karlo Konig “Kong”.

Executional guidelines: The identity should differentiate from the classic approach. Agency want to send a new and innovative message to the potential clients and public. A warm and humane message with focus on people & communication. Preferred color is the violet specter as synonym for creativity, individuality, quality, spirituality, royalty.

Brand should send the message of young, innovative, passionate, playful but not childish.

Tone of voice: The tone of voice should be hip, disrupting, thought provoking, and carrying. However also authoritative in a sense that these guys are completely sure in themselves and know what is best without hesitation. Hustle is a keyword — They will hustle for every last detail to make clients happy.

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