Award Winning Creative Agency

Specialized in creating and redesigning brands, products or services.

Ghetaldus Optics
Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Hokus Okus Branding
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Mentalni Trening Identity
Art Direction, Branding, Illustration
Dajakovic concrete plant
Jasminka Bilos Lawyer
FC Osijek - Rebranding
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
American Bar Dollar
Art Direction, Branding, Photography
Merlon Pub - Naming & Identity
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Alexandar Wines
Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging
Karat Jewelers
Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design
King Kong Agency
Art Direction, Branding, Illustration
Legionar Craft Beer
Branding, Packaging, Photography
uPlug Web
Student Council
Rotary club of Taipei
Nerd Skincare - Miraculous Brightening Set
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging
Nerd Skincare Mask Packaging
Art Direction, Branding, Packaging
Dogma Socks
Packaging, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Studio 33 Branding & Identity
Art Direction, Branding, Web Design
Beck Studio Weddings
Branding, Graphic Design, Photography
The Geek Gathering Conference
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
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