Merlon Pub / Branding & Identity

The project of Merlon Pub represents an entire branding of a new catering facility within Tvrđa in Osijek, the old Baroque town center, built in the 18th century as part of a large system of strategically fortified towns on the border with the Ottoman Empire. The naming process of the pub involved a comprehensive research of Tvrđa’s history, with an emphasis on its development, urban planning, architecture, content, and culture. The research helped form the belief that the name of the pub (or any other part of Tvrđa) should remain associated with the historical identity of the place. Therefore, the name Merlon (parapet) was selected. In the defense architecture, the name means solid, upright fences designed to protect the observers and the military at the top of the fort. In addition to the name directly corresponding to the tradition of Tvrđa, it is also catchy, so it offers authenticity with which the guests of the Pub can identify. This contributes to the recognition of the Pub and Tvrđa in general. Since Merlon is a project sponsored by Staropramen Brewery (Zagreb Brewery/Molson Coors), the Staropramen logo is an integral part of the visual identity of the pub.

Merlon - Branding 001 Merlon - Branding 002 Merlon - Branding 003 Merlon - Branding 004 Merlon - Branding 005 Merlon - Branding 006 Merlon - Branding 007 Merlon - Branding 008 Merlon - Branding 009 Merlon - Branding 010 Merlon - Branding 011 Merlon - Branding 012 Merlon - Branding 013 Merlon - Branding 014 Merlon - Branding 015 Merlon - Branding 016 Merlon - Branding 017 Merlon - Branding 018 Merlon - IDA Awards 2015 - Bronze
  • Client: 2B d.o.o.
  • Design: Igor Penovic & Leo Vinkovic
  • Interior Design: Ivana Kocsis
  • Photo:Josip Bilic
  • Award:International Design Awards (Los Angeles) 2016 / Bronze / Print: Corporate Identity
  • Award:International Design Awards (Los Angeles) 2016 / Bronze / Print: Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
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